Natural deodorants are a great solution if you care about your health and also about the planet.

We love the idea of breaking up with the aluminium salts, as they are said to be found in breast cancer cells (and also clog the natural way your body regulates itself). 

With this post we start a new series – Matíz Loves #matizloves where we will share with you our sustainable, zero or less-waste inspirations of packaging from brands all over the world.


1 · Alum stone

The perfect zero-waste, the alum stone is a potassium-rich mineral extracted from a rock. It is economical as the stone dissolves very slowly. Its lifetime lasts over several years. The stone is natural and fragrance free , it destroys the bacteria responsible for bad odours.

zero waste deodorant matiz barcelona loves banbu

2 · Solid deodorant

Usually wrapped in paper or cardboard packaging, it is almost zero-waste. This one from @banbu.zerowaste is organic, vegan and ethically made in Spain.

3 · Glass bottle

Except for the plastic pump, this packaging can be easily recycled or reuse. @erbaviva deodorants contains powerful organic essential oils that naturally fight underarm bacteria. Made in Los Angeles. California.

zero waste deodorant matiz barcelona loves kinko

4 · Roll-on 100% PP

@kinko packaging is made only in polypropylene in order to facilitate the recycling. The balancing deodorant, contains prebiotics and postbiotics to neutralize the skin pH level and prevent odor. Made in Houston, Texas.

Check here for more details about the project.

zero waste deodorant matiz barcelona loves biork

5 · Alum stone in a cork packaging

Plastic-free packaging made from cork. Easier to use and to store than the rough stone, this stick lasts for ever and is completely natural.

zero waste deodorant matiz barcelona loves kriimco

6 · Cream in an aluminium tin

Aluminium packaging are also a great option: easy to recycle or to reuse. Solito Deodorant from @kriimco is organic and formulated with cornstarch, sodium bicarbonate and alum powder. Made in Barcelona, Spain.

zero waste deodorant matiz barcelona loves myro

7 · Refillable deodorant

@itsmymyro is a natural deodorant in a beautiful refillable case. designed to be kept as long as possible. It cuts down on plastic even if the refills are still in a small plastic packaging. Made in US.

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