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Pimp your trash!

🇪🇸 · Spanish version below · Throwing out the trash can be boring and confusing. Why not make recycling cool, easy, sexy and stylish? If we talk about garbage, we must remember the rule of the 3 Rs, do you know it? Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. In order of importance, REDUCE is the first action […]

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Less Waste Deodorants

Natural deodorants are a great solution if you care about your health and also about the planet. We love the idea of breaking up with the aluminium salts, as they are said to be found in breast cancer cells (and also clog the natural way your body regulates itself).  With this post we start a […]

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Solid Perfume Review by Matiz Barcelona

Is solid perfume the new eco-friendly companion ?

Co-Authors Fanny Le Bonniec & Emma Dumasdelage @matizbarcelona A bit of History  The first perfume was Egyptian, according to archaeology. It was the Kiphy, a sort of incense that was made to honour Egyptians Gods and for some medical uses. Today, the original recipe is staying unsure. But something that multiple texts – that mention about […]

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New Name, New Logo Our last website needed a fresh look… but it went a bit further : we decided to change the name, to create a new logo and a new website! We wanted a name reflecting better our story. M A T Í Z is the Spanish word for “nuance” because our work is […]

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New Name, New Purpose For the past years, in our personal and professional life, we have been sensible about environment issues. Nowadays it is no more an option it is an evidence.  With this fresh start, we want to support brands into reducing their impact on the planet.  M A T Í Z colour is […]

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