ACQUA DI PARMA · Blu Mediterraneo La Collezione

Acqua di Parma entrusted our agency with the project to create a new format, smaller and easier to carry, both in handbags and in travel bags, for the Blu Mediterraneo fragrances “La Collezione”.
The Blu Mediterraneo family is a line of fragrances from Acqua di Parma that evokes famous places and typical aromas of Mediterranean Italy : Arancia di Capri, Bergamotto de Calabria, Fico di Amalfi… available already in 75 ml and 150 ml sizes, but they needed a smaller format.

A flask inspired in art-deco

Acqua Di Parma, Blu Meditteraneo, La Collezione, Design Matiz BarcelonaThe brand has always insisted in maximising its most iconic and representative symbols and elements: its conical flask, inspired in art.deco, its famous hand-made “cappelliera” cylindrical cardboard hat box “Made in Italy”.

The result is an elegant, coherent and sophisticated image that, over the years, has created a close affective link with its enthusiasts. In this way, new products launched maintain the brand’s aesthetics and image and form part of the Acqua di Parma family. This “apparent ease” is the fruit of hard work and care for details.

At first, we considered a 30-ml format, a perfect homothety of the original 75-ml flask. After a sphere, a cylinder is the most compact geometric volume, so our flask was very compact and looked like a miniature.

Acqua Di Parma, Blu Meditteraneo, La Collezione, Design Matiz Barcelona
Then we looked for alternatives, to give it more presence. We deformed the flask towards a stylized cone, with the same height as the other flasks, but slimmer. The aesthetic codes and proportions provided by Acqua di Parma were maintained, while the flask acquired its own character. This elongated shape was also very ergonomic when handled, and perfect for carrying in a toiletry pouch or a travel bag.

Like its “big brothers”, the flask has Acqua di Parma’s typical trapezoidal label and is printed with that so-easily-recognizable blue : deep and luminous, like the Mediterranean Sea of the Italian coasts.

The Art of Gifting

The art of gifting is very important in the world of Acqua de Parma. Every detail is the result of a careful choice, to create unique, personalized experiences.
For this project, we created two types of secondary packaging : an individual pack and a coffret.
The individual pack is the famous blue cylindrical Blu Mediterraneo box, adapted to the new proportions of our 30 ml flask.

The coffret is a rectangular box with three fragrances. The final consumer can select his preferred fragrances and compose his own set.

Acqua Di Parma, Blu Meditteraneo, La Collezione, Design Matiz Barcelona

Eternal designs that transcend the ephemeral tendencies of the moment

We loved this project, it projected us into some incredible scenarios of the Italian landscape and was the forerunner of many other collaborations with the Acqua di Parma team in Milan.
This is a brand that gives enormous importance to quality, creativity, elegance and exclusivity. These values are reflected in eternal classical designs that flee from the ephemeral tendencies of the moment.