Our agency collaborated with Acqua di Parma to develop a high end collection of ten fragrances: the Signatures of the Sun.

Born from light and the preciousness of ingredients, each fragrance has a main ingredient as protagonist:

Sandalo, Oud, Quercia, Camelia, Sakura, Osmanthus, Vaniglia, Yuzu, Ambra & Leather.

The iconic Art Deco bottle is in clear glass for the freshest and most vibrant fragrances and in black for the most intense ones. The mat black label contrasts on the glossy glass and is enlivened by a strong embossed golden logo.

The recognizable cylinder-shaped hat box is elegantly dressed in black and enlivened by a black label with strong embossed golden logo.

With this project, Acqua di Parma increased efforts to reduce their packaging environmental impact.

♻️ Packaging easy to separate
The screw pump can be separated from the glass bottle to be recycled separately.

🌱The cap is made in Bakelite, a resin made with 30% cellulose.

🇮🇹 100% Made in Italy
Acqua di Parma embodies the Italian Arte di Vivere and all components of the packaging are made by local suppliers.

👉 Hand made cylindrical hat box
The iconic hat box is made manually. Labels are applied by hand one at a time to give the finishing touch.

matiz barcelona Acqua di Parma Signatures
Campaign by Photograph Maurizio Galimberti

We also designed Sampling elements such as the Sofistic or this luxury gift set, illustrated by ingredients prints in Japanese Gyotaku style.

Signatures of the Sun 1rst Anniversary

For the first Anniversary of the collection in 2020, we created 4 illustrations to enliven the Black Hat boxes of Osmanthus, Sakura, Camelia & Yuzu: we draw each ingredient with a myriad of tiny golden particles.

The light reflections on the glass and the golden hotstamping decorations really bring to life the Signatures of the Sun concept.

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