Gianfranco Ferre launched a new fragrance: Camicia 113 was inspired by one of the brand’s classic white blouse called Calice, created in 1982.

Gianfranco Ferre creation was inspired by sword fighting and duels, as well as Cala lily form. The fragrance carries the slogan “La Camicia Bianca Secondo Me” (“My idea of a white shirt “).


We designed the volumes, graphics and packaging.
The architectural bottle contrasts with a very organic and frosted Surlyn cap. The cap seems fluid and translucent as the white blouse Calice.

White fabric details are present on the neck and the label to give a warm touch and link the bottle furthermore to fashion.

Camicia 113, GianFranco Ferré, Design Matiz Barcelona
The secondary packaging is almost white with a very slight texture reminding wild silk.
Camicia 113, GianFranco Ferré, Design Matiz Barcelona