ACQUA DI PARMA · Shimmering Oil

For this packaging project, we wanted to express the mesmerising glow of Acqua di Parma Shimmering Oil without using glitters.

As we know, glitter particles are micro-plastic that can find their way to the oceans and pollute the water. They are made from etched aluminium bonded to polyethylene and they’ll break into pieces as tiny as 0.15 millimetres

Hot-foil is not perfect but it is so incredibly thin (less than 2.5µm (microns) thick), that it completely dissipates within the recycling process. … Therefore, as long as the paper/card is recyclable, you can simply throw it in the paper recycling bin.

We decided to experiment with holographic KURZ hot-foil. There are so many and so inspiring, just look how they shine!
For this project we mixed super tiny dots of gold and holographic foil to create the glittery effect.

Once printed, the final result happily surprised us: so sparkling! 

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