We designed the new line of marine cosmetics for Maar Fragrances.

The linen labels are inspired by its two main ingredients:
A watercolor in pink tones for Fucus seaweed and green tones for Wakame seaweed.

The design is coherent with the fragrance line in order to create a family : layout and typography of the label are the same as the perfumes. Golden aluminium, glass and linen are the main materials for both projects.

Reducing the ambiental impact of the packaging is still also a constant objective:

The hand wash and body lotion contains 97% natural ingredients.

Glass bottle and linen labels

Available in refill size in order to reuse the pump and generate 10 grams less of plastic garbage.

As with fragrances, the products are wrapped without cellophane and sealed with an adhesive label on the pump.

The QR code on the label gives detailed information about the ingredients.

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